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Quick Tips for Protecting Your Personal Money

September 25, 2017   Tyler Steigerwald

Due to the recent cyber attack we would like to share some quick tips for protecting your personal money. These tips are provided by CyberCecurity.

1. Don’t keep more than $250,000 at any one financial institution. The FDIC protects you against the loss of your insured deposits if an FDIC-insured bank or savings association fails. The SIPC protects against the loss of cash and securities at SIPC-member brokerage firms.

Different agencies, different limits, different rules. Go here for more info:


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Four Tips to Help You Prepare for Your House Hunt

December 30, 2016   Erin Addesso

With the holiday season coming to a close, "For Sale" signs will start popping up in yards before we know it. Making the decision to buy a home is a big step for every prospective homeowner. It's a time-consuming, but rewarding process that requires patience, determination, and a willingness to negotiate. Whether you're looking to escape the pitfalls of renting or moving out of your starter home, there are many things you should do to prepare before beginning your house hunt. 

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The Pros and Cons of Seller Concessions

November 10, 2016   Erin Addesso
Purchasing a home can be a confusing and complicated process – especially without the assistance of a qualified mortgage professional to help you along the way. One stumbling block when negotiating is whether or not a  seller concession  is included in the cost. This is an agreement in which the seller pays for the cost of some of the expenses for the buyer. Unavoidable costs such as loan processing fees, transfer taxes, and title costs are often included in a seller concession.
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Tips to Manage Costs of Home Ownership

October 28, 2016   Erin Addesso
If you are a first time home-buyer looking for a house, there are some costs that you may not be aware of. The  cost of home Ownership is more than just a mortgage , here are some tips on how to manage a home buying experience.
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Credit: What type of pulls can affect your score

October 28, 2016   Erin Addesso
Credit. It's incredibly important for just about everything you need in life: buying items, renting an apartment, buying a house. However, it is very complicated and can hurt you a lot if you don't know you're making mistakes.

However, you have a tool available to you to help manage your credit: your credit score. A credit score is a number from 0-850 that helps lenders determine how reliable you are as a borrower. A higher number is good, a lower number can be detrimental -- you could be rejected or subject to higher rates of interest

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80's Flashback: What if interest rates were 18%?

October 27, 2016   Erin Addesso
Today's mortgage rates are wonderfully low. You may have forgotten there was a time when they were not. It is perhaps the best time to buy a home in the history of home buying. In the 1980s, however, both people's hair - and mortgage rates were extremely high. In fact, rates were more than six times the rates of today. Why were they so high? And what does that mean for how much home you can get for your money?


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5 Way to Help You Get the Best Mortgage Rate

October 20, 2016   Erin Addesso
As we know, when buying a home, there are a variety of factors to consider. You must decide whether a single family home, condo, or townhouse best suits your needs. Choosing a location is also one of the most important elements when purchasing your home.  And of course, regardless of where or what you buy, you want to be sure you're able to get the best interest rate available.
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Convert your ARM to be protected from rising interest rates

October 14, 2016   Erin Addesso
Converting your adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage may be a great idea in today’s interest rate environment. Interest rates remain at all-time lows and many mortgage analysts and experts agree they’re probably not going to change anytime soon. The benefits you received from your ARM early on in the loan, including lower monthly mortgage payments, more than likely hit their bottom and now is the best time to lock in those rates with a fixed-rate mortgage.
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Compromises Buyers May Face in the Denver Market (and some are worth it!)

September 27, 2016   Erin Addesso


Anyone who has recently been in the Denver housing market to purchase a home can probably relate to the challenges buyers are facing. In this seller’s market, inventory is low, prices are climbing, and bidding wars continue to happen. Those who can pay cash for a home are more likely to do so, just to edge out other buyers. Meanwhile, potential buyers are finding it more and more difficult to secure their dream home in this market at a cost they can afford. While some compromises don't make sense  - some do - and can really even be worth it in the long run. Let's take a look. 


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Reasons You Actually MAY BE able to Buy a Home (And Why You Should)!

August 30, 2016   Erin Addesso

In an economy where high paying jobs are hard to come by and prices are ever-soaring, owning a home may seem unattainable. In fact, recent surveys show that this misconception is not unique to any one generation; from millennials to baby boomers, a majority of people believe renting is more affordable, and therefore their only option. In fact, there are a number of ways to make home ownership a reality, and a number of reasons you should.


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